Running through life

I am by trade an emergency medical technician. I spend my whole working life running around the city from call to call. People often say things to me such as ‘that must be such a hard job, you must have a way to vent’ in their questioning tones, probing for answers. I will always give a ‘hm’ when posed with questions about work and let people interpret that how they like. The worst thing I’ve ever seen won’t be the thing I, or any other emergency servicespersonnel, tell you it is.

Venting is important. You might think after a 5 day week of working 12/13/14 hour shifts  a few days of sofa and tea would do the trick. Peace and quiet is nice sometimes, but you won’t doubt I didn’t get into this career as someone who loves peace and quiet.

For me, I love running.

“There’s no greater freedom than flying on your feet” 

Do you remember those dreams you had as a kid where you could fly just by swimming through the air? Or jumping I’ve heard some people say?

That’s how I feel when I run. That sums it up for me. Stretching my legs out into the cold, thumping my feet through the mud and driving my arms through the air. My shirt rippling across my chest in the wind as I run across the land. To me, that is freedom. I am on own, I am my own master. I dictate my pace, my route. I head for the hills, take in the view for myself. I believe views are better kept by my own eyes and mind than any picture will every do justice. I like to see and do things for myself.

I compare this to my of life and I think why I will push myself through the 12 hour shifts, day after day.  I want it.

Now, this doesn’t mean I don’t feel the same aches and pains as you do when you run. The legs of lead that have had enough, the stomach somersaults that drag you down, the stitches cropping up in places you didn’t know you could get a stitch in. This doesn’t mean life doesn’t drag me down sometimes, too. There will often be times where I don’t run for weeks or months at a time when life doesn’t allow. But that doesn’t take away the run inside of me.

Thank you for reading.